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We stand with Israel

Geert Wilders: ''Keep strong my Israeli friends in fighting Hamas. The UN, USA and Europe don’t understand you are fighting an existential war. Against the dark forces of hate and destruction called Hamas.

I’ll always support you.''

Geert Wilders meets with President Herzog of Israel

Geert Wilders: ''I just had a great meeting in Amsterdam with the President of Israel Isaac Herzog. I told him I am proud that he visits the Netherlands and that Israel has, and always will have, my full support in its fight against terror.''

CPAC Hungary

Geert Wilders: ''A true honor to speak at CPAC Hungary. Friday April 26. ''👍


Jew hate in Dutch Parliament

Geert Wilders: ''Mr Speaker I am a member of parliament for 25 years now but I never saw this Jew hate, Israel-hate and antisemitism here ever before. Make sure this will never happen again and that the perpetrators are severely punished! ''

Geert Wilders: ''Leftish antisemitic scum shouting 100% Jew hate in building of the Dutch Parliament.

The police should arrest them and jail them immediately!''

“From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free!”