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Parliamentary questions of Wilders MP and Markuszower MP (both PVV) to the Minister of Justice and Security about the news reports 'You can call me a cancerous Jew, but I will report it' and 'Dutch Jewish man reveals the anti-Semitism he has to deal with' (*)(**):

Are you familiar with the fact that in Wijchen (Gelderland) a Jewish man has been spat on, threatened, beaten and terrorized by a group of perpetrators for years? What is your opinion on that?

Are you familiar with the fact that the Jewish victim's house is regularly banged on by the same group of perpetrators and that he and his family have been intimidated and verbally abused for years with shouting of "Cancerous Jews" and "Hamas Hamas Jews on gas” by a group of seven to fifteen offenders? Are you as disgusted by this as we are? If not, why not?

Are you familiar with the fact that these perpetrators beat up the Jewish victim in front of his house, which left him with an open wound on his leg and swollen lips and scratches? What is your opinion on this?

Did you know that when the victim reported this to the police, the police told him that he was "calling and reporting very often"? What is your opinion on this narrow-minded response from the police? Do you share the view that victims of violent crimes should always be able to report crimes?

Have the perpetrators of these anti-Semitic acts been arrested? If so, when? If not why not?

Is it true that the perpetrators have not been prosecuted? If not, why not? Do you share our view that this is unacceptable?

What is the ethnicity of these perpetrators? What else is known about this group of seven to fifteen perpetrators? What is their age and do the perpetrators, or their parents, have dual nationality?

Is it true that the police, in collaboration with the municipality, conducted so-called 'stop it talks' with the perpetrators? Do you share our opinion that the police and municipalities have completely lost their way here, because perpetrators do not need a soft conversation but should be dealt with harshly and criminally prosecuted and preferably sentenced to a long prison sentence?

Have sufficient measures been taken by the mayor to adequately protect the victim and his family? If no or insufficient measures have been taken, are you prepared to urge the mayor to still adequately protect the victim and his family? If not, why not?

What measures will you take to ensure that anti-Semitic violence is always tackled and combated vigorously by both the police and the Public Prosecution Office and that the perpetrators are prosecuted criminally?