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Soumaya Sahla has just resigned as an adviser to the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), the party of Prime Minister Mark Rutte. This is because it was recently revealed that in 2005, Sahla was arrested and charged with terrorist activities as a member of the Hofstad Network, an Islamic jihad group in the Netherlands that wanted to murder Wilders for criticizing of Islam. She had an automatic weapon when she was arrested, and spent three years in prison. The VVD apparently didn’t know or care about her past, until Wilders called attention to it. After all, they hate Wilders, too.

“Frits Bosch column: Soumaya had the entire VVD by the tail,” translated by Gary Fouse from “Column Frits Bosch: Soumaya had hele VVD bij de staart,” by Frits Bosch, De Dagelijske Standaard, January 27, 2022

‘‘Since 2011, Soumaya Sahla has been the right hand of the VVD celebrity Frits Bolkestein, 88. She was never a problem for the party until Geert Wilders rang the bell, and her past was revealed during the Second Chamber (Parliament) talks over the coalition accord. The mainstream media and the (2nd) Chamber were furious that Wilders came forward, he was “racist”. Until big objections arose against her from the VVD itself, “How can this be, why didn’t we know?”. A spicy detail is that Geert Wilders himself enjoyed the mentorship of van Bolkestein as a faction member of the VVD. It is completely right that Wilders came forward. Fortunately, there is still someone awake in the 2nd Chamber.

It would be appropriate if the mainstream media swiftly offered their apologies to Wilders. Naturally, they won’t do that. The moral level of the mainstream media and Chamber members is lousy, but that’s not news. Ignore the potential danger of a dangerous threat.

Soumaya is working on a dissertation on “the orthodox, religious worldview”. Sahla is Muslim, fine. But she was and perhaps still is orthodox, Islamist, Salafist. I hope that she will also read the books by Christopher Hitchens, “God is not great” and by Afshin Ellian, “Allah does not know better”. They (would) save her a lot of work.
Islam has the controversial practice of taqiyya. It would allow Muslims, “for the good cause” to feign integration and moderation, to emerge like a devil out of a box as a true Muslim if that makes sense. So in England, in part of London, sharia law applies. Here no. Do (Kauthar) Bouchallikht and Sahla practice taqiyya? We’ll never know.

The next question is how is Kauthar Bouchallikht doing, also with her “fine past”. She is keeping a low profile and so is the Green-Left (party). Incomprehensible that these women with a terrible history, got through the beauty commission of our political parties. It works every time. Where is the thinking? This cannot be?!
They are, indeed, “clean women”. Somaya Sahla is herself stunning in a pretty suit in order to come across as especially adapted. Would she “tickle” Bolkestein in his (sensitive) place? What do you think?

Bolkestein has been a first-class mop throughout his unimpressive political career. A frightfully vain fellow, as I once noticed during a seminar on Islam. He is a man who says A but shrinks from B. He thought that we and (Pim) Fortuyn would cut a sorry figure internationally. Now he has made a fool of himself. Justifiably, this dull party is in a heavy downward trend.’’

Below, from Blikopnieuws (see link) is a translation of Sahla’s statement:
“There has been a lot of commotion in the past weeks about me and my past. I regret that deeply and feel the need to say a few things about it. I want to be held accountable for a period of 16 years ago which I am not proud of. It is a black page in my life. I deeply regret the choices that I made then, and everyone in my circle knows that about me. I turned those pages a long time ago. I now see that it is good that (I) also express this regret publicly.
I gladly dedicate myself daily to the safety and freedom of our beautiful country. From this motivation, I am also actively involved in the VVD. The commotion that has arisen stands in the way of my positive contribution at this time. Thus, I am resigning my chairmanship in the J and V thematic network. I remain motivated to look where I can make a contribution in a free and safe society. I am also remaining in the VVD.”

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