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Speech Geert Wilders, Prague, april 25, 2019

Dobrý den, moji čeští přátelé v praze!
Good afternoon Prague! How is everyone doing? It is fantastic to be here in Prague, the heart of Europe, the pearl of cities!
It is so good to see so many of you here today! Let me first thank the MENF and the SPD for inviting me. Thank you, my friends. It is just wonderful to be here, in the spring, amongst patriots like Marine le Pen, Tomio Okamura and other freedomfighters. And of course not in the least: all of you brave men and women here on Wenceslas square!

My friends, we are gathered here today to stand up for our freedom and our sovereignty. The most precious things we have. Because without a strong nation state, there is no democracy. And without democracy there are no liberties.

Today, we are fighting for our existence.
And the biggest threats to our survival and our freedom are the European Union, mass immigration and the Islamic ideology of submission and violence.

First, let’s talk about the European Union. An undemocratic superstate.
It is forcing its commands on the peoples of Europe.
It is trying to take away our national sovereignty! And we want to be sovereign, don’t we?
The European Union is attempting to erase our nation states. But we say; no more! Let’s say it loud and clear: no more! Our nations are shaped by their own history, culture, language and identity and therefore they are impossible to erase!

My friends, our countries are strong nations.
Based on a jewish-christian and humanistic civilization.
That should never change.
So we want to control our own borders again.
We do not want mass immigration.
And we do not want to be invaded by a tyrannical ideology.

You Czechs are – as a matter of fact - an example to us all.
Because you are opposing the EU asylum policy.
You are opposing the islamization of Europe.
You say: Ne, Nikdy. Your resistance inspires us!

Let me tell you something about my country, the Netherlands. A few weeks ago, a jihadi attack took place in one of our major cities, Utrecht.
Four innocent people were killed in broad daylight in a tram by a jihadist.
And in the three largest cities in the Netherlands, the majority of people under the age of 25 are non-Western immigrants. Mostly islamic. Our people are already a stranger in their own town and country. The Netherlands is given away by the elites. On a silver platter. In many western European countries it is just like that or even worse.

The European Union has been pampering islam for decades now.
But islam is a medieval cult that denies freedom to others.
So why should we grant islam any liberties? We should not, we should stop islam.
By depriving islam of the means to destroy our identity, we are not violating freedom;
we are preserving our identity and guaranteeing freedom.

As we have seen, the free world has been the victim of many terror attacks in the last few years. From New York, Madrid, Paris, Brussels and Nice to Barcelona, Manchester, Berlin, Stockholm and Marseille innocent people were murdered by islamic inspired terrorists,
that hate us and cherish death more than life. And a few days ago innocent people died on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, where Christians in churches and westerners in hotels were attacked and brutally slaughtered.
So Islamization comes with a very high price. One we are not willing to pay.

Freedom obviously also has a price and we must be prepared to pay it: a choice has to be made. The choice between islam and freedom. There is no middle way. Because nothing is more precious than liberty and freedom.

Defending our freedom, defending our way of life, requires all of us to be vigilant, courageous and audacious. It requires all of us to raise our voice. To raise our voice against the enemies of freedom. Against the tyranny of islamization. Against everyone who tries to silence us!

The European Union and many governments facilitate islam and islamic immigration.
Why are they facilitating a totalitarian ideology?
Why are they accommodating an intolerant dogma?
It is as if they have surrendered.
It is as if they have capitulated.
But not on behalf of the people. Not on behalf of you.

We will never apologize for being free men. We will never surrender. We stand on the shoulders of giants. And there is no stronger power than the force of free men fighting for the great cause of liberty. Because freedom is the birthright of all men. And islam and freedom are incompatible.

Unless there are radical changes to the present policies towards migration, over 30% of Sweden will be islamic by the year 2050. And almost 20% in Germany and France. And it will only get worse in the next decades, because the population of Africa is exploding. According to the United Nations, the population of Africa will grow from one billion people to 4 billion Africans by the end of this century. Many of them will want to come to Europe. Many of them will come from islamic countries.
My friends, Europe is on the brink of cultural suicide.

The European Union will never defend our national interest and our freedom. So we need strong nation states. And we need brave leaders who care about the freedom and security of their own people. Who are not afraid to speak the truth about the dangers of mass immigration.
That is why it is so important to have a huge group of political allies working together in the next European elections. That’s why it is so important that brave leaders as Marine Le Pen and Matteo Salvini have our support.

And that’s why it is so important to have one of the bravest politicians of all Europe on our side, a hero who is not afraid to speak the truth about the EU and Islam: Tomio Okamura!
My friends, we are the patriots! And we will win!

Long live the Czech Republic! Svoboda! Thank you.