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Questions by Geert Wilders MP (PVV) to the Prime Minister about the detention and personal safety of Tommy Robinson in the United Kingdom:

Have you taken notice of the fact that the British Islamic critic, activist and journalist Tommy Robinson was arrested, convicted and detained within a few hours, while he had the courage to report about a trial of mostly Islamic child rapists?

Have you also taken notice of the many demonstrations all over the world, from London to Los Angeles and from Tel Aviv to Sydney, in solidarity with Tommy Robinson and in protest against his arrest, conviction and detention?

Have you also taken notice of the fact that Tommy Robinson has meanwhile been moved to another prison in the United Kingdom with a considerable Muslim population, so that he is in danger because he has meanwhile been threatened, and, as a consequence, may have to fear for his life?

Are you prepared to contact your British colleague Theresa May immediately and to ask her that she at least guarantee the personal safety of Tommy Robinson, who is globally supported by many?

Do you share our opinion that Tommy Robinson should be released as soon as possible?
If so, are you prepared to pass this on to your British colleague?

Can you answer these questions this week?