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Interview Geert Wilders in Israel Hayom


"Islam is the core of the problem, not only the radicals". "Today, the whole continent is on the hit list". Geert Wilders, leader of the party of Freedom, the second largest party of Holland, claims that Europe has to fight for its existence against the islamisation: "the worst is still to come"

Geert Wilders' office in the Dutch Parliament at The Hague looks like a bunker. In order to reach him, one has to pass several highly secured doors which can be accessed with special identified electronic keys. At the entrance there are 2 well trained armed cops and are licensed to open fire if necessary even in parliament. A camera is installed right next to them that record all movement all along the way to the office.

Wilders (53) is the most threatened politician in Holland and probably in whole of Europe. The Islamic terror, sweeping through Europe, has been a part of his life since he first started politics 15 years ago. His relentless way of voicing his defiance against the Islamisation has made him an enemy of a lot and also a representative of a significant and growing part of Holland's population. The party of freedom became the second largest party in parliament after the elections back in March. The other parties agreed in advance not to ever govern with him. However, without his party they have been unable to form a stable coalition. After 6 months of negotiations, there might be an agreement in the coming days.

Wilders that became a key actor in the "patriotic revolution" in Europe -alongside Marine le Pen in France, Heinz Christian Strache in Austria- recognised how the traditional parties have been neglecting the most urgent matters, in his view, threatening the existence of Europe and feels that time is running out and might be too late the day he becomes Prime Minister.

Manchester, London, Barcelona, paris- merely a part of terror attacks committed during the summer. Is Europe in a state of war?

Evidently it is. War has been declared a long time ago, 1400 years ago. In the past we succeeded to fight back. Unfortunately we have been experiencing in the past years numerous terror attacks. The root of the problem is the islamisation of the west, there is no possibility for Islam to integrate and the goal has always been to dominate. The only goal is to attack our way of life and our existence. The elites have tolerated this and now we are not only in a war, we are also struggling with survival. Israel knows this problem very well. We are fighting for our existence today as well.

I'm on the hit list of al Qaeda and other terror organisations already for 15 years, but today we are all on this list and we witness this on a daily basis. I am infuriated with the politicians that made this mass immigration as well as the tsunami of asylum seekers possible. I'm not claiming that every migrant is a terrorist but they have ideologies which oppose freedom and democracy. They were never asked to adapt and today we see the results: total war, not only by people coming from Syria and Iraq but also by homegrown terrorists.
We didn't reach the worst yet. In the next decades the problem will grow further. In Africa, there is a demographic explosion. According to the UN, a third intends to move to Europe. With our open borders we are incapable to fight for our existence. We are in a very difficult situation and our leaders are fully responsible for it.

Ideas instead of Tanks

After Barcelona's terror attack, Barcelona's chief rabbi stated that Europe is finished. Wilders corroborates with his statement: "he also advised European Jews to move to Israel as they don't feel secured here any longer. The states of Europe transferred their authorities to Brussels. Today we are not responsible anymore on control of our borders. We got rid of national states and the result is a kind of identity crisis. One is in need of a sense of identity, a flag, a hymn, tradition in order for a democracy to thrive. I don't have anything against the Portuguese or Danish but we are not the same. If you don't know who you are then you also don't know who you are not. In these conditions you cannot ask from migrants to adapt. Adapt to what? Whoever says like I do that there is a need of a "leitkultur" (one dominant culture) is portrayed as a racist.

Holland is not an Islamic state, it is a state based on Humanistic/Christian/Jewish values. This is who we are, who we have always been and what we should be. In a lot of European states, people are being sued for voicing these things. Now people start witnessing what is happening and are frightened. There is a resurgence of national identities. A poll was made among Turkish youngsters in Holland which showed that 78% of them consider the ones that left to Syria to join Isis as "heroes". Amsterdam's university, institution of liberal left, discovered that 11% of Muslims in Holland- meaning more than 100000 out of a million are prepared to use violence in the name of Islam. That is twice as big as the Dutch army.

Is the refusal to acknowledge the connection between Islam and terror part of the problem?

No doubt. The leading parties of Europe now say: Islam is not the problem, it's the salafists. As if we can talk about 2 sorts of Islam. What about the salafi and wahabi states of the Middle East that fund and indoctrinate people with ideologies in Europe and America? Saudi Arabia, the state in which Trump was waving with swords, is one of the most problematic states together with the rest of the gulf monarchies.

…and there is also a Turkish presence

Indeed. This isn't a conventional war with tanks, this is rather a war between ideologies. Youngsters, often born in Europe, as happened in Barcelona, are not only encouraged by Isis but also by Saudi Arabia, turkey, Morocco and all others that fund extremist organisations. Islam is the core of the problem, not just salafism. Not all Muslims are terrorists, however, today inEurope, all terrorists are Muslims. The first thing to do is to accurately assess the problem. It is our obligation to acknowledge the threat as it is: the violent ideology, the hate and lack of patience they are bringing into our lives. The more Europe will become Islamic, the more violence and less freedom we will experience. Secondly, and here we can learn from Israel and adapt our struggle. We have to think like our enemies and act accordingly, otherwise we will lose. There is no possibility to compromise with people that want you dead.

"There is not much time left"

Wilders claims that Europe is starting to wake up but in some of European states citizens were given the opportunity to choose for change but didn't. "We didn't win the elections but we got stronger." He explains: "my party has grown with a third". It's the first time in the history of our party, that only exists for 15 years, that ended as second largest party out of 13 parties. We are being excluded from talks to form a new government as no one wants to touch us. In Austria, the party of freedom, lost the elections with just a few percentages because citizens united their forces against the party. Marine le Pen achieved the best result ever in history of her party.
I really appreciate le Pen. She is entirely different from her father. I do not concur with everything she says but she is a very professional politician. She didn't achieve presidency because as usual the rest united against her, but she got stronger. In Germany, Alternative für Deutschland, will enter for the first time in Bundestag. These are no small steps. But this is not enough, we don't have a majority. The elites are still very strong. We do not have much time, but we are stronger.

How much time is left?

Many researches have shown the Islamic influence on society. Muslims do not need to be a majority in a particular state in order to provoke major changes in regard to freedom, to violence and to the rule of law. In reality, we are late. We need to rise again and change this reality. We don't have a choice. Our existence is at stake. People in whole of Europe realise what the effects are of islamisation. People are afraid to send their kids to school or to the main cities. If we won't fight, by the end of the century we will be part of the Arab world or of Africa. In Britain there are already sharia courts on Europe's soil. This isn't a tale, this is real, the situation is terrible.

Some say that the chaotic handling of Trump affected the patriotic parties of Europe in a negative way in elections. What's your view?

Some Europeans like Trump. A lot don't like him. But people look at what happens in their own countries, cities and streets. Maybe the situation has to worsen in order to become better. The governments of the west are going the wrong direction. East Europe is a different story. There, people seek their national identities and are proud of it. They are not infected by the virus of cultural relativism, they remember all too well what a totalitarian regime means and they are not prepared to be dragged into another totalitarian regime in Brussels. They don't have migration from previous colonies. I have met with Viktor Orban in Hungary. He told his people: "We are a Christian state, not Islamic. I refuse to receive more Muslims, also if the EU may pressure." The same goes for Pols, Slovaks and Czechs. We should learn from them.

Next Prime Minister?

The partners of "patriotic revolution" arouse suspicion among Jews and Israelis. Le Pen has been advocating to remove Jewish signs and rewrites the French history during the holocaust. "I don't agree with le Pen on everything" reacts Wilders. "Also in regard to the Middle East and to the economy we differ but I really don't believe she is antisemitic. Before we started working together, we talked several times. And believe me, if she were anywhere near her father's ideas, I would have never approached her. I also do not believe that Frauke Petry, leader of "Alternative für Deutschland"is antisemitic. In Holland my party is rejected by extremists as they call me "Zionist". We are the most pro Israel party in the Dutch Parliament.

The transition government decided to proceed with transferring money to the PA. Is there a way to stop this?

In the two years where we have supported the government we have stopped this. Today, the government resumed transferring money to entities that have nothing in common with democracy and this creates several problems. I do not know what the next government will do. The parties supporting this are not my friends and have a different opinion from the exiting government. The Israeli Palestinian conflict isn't a territorial conflict, rather a conflict between ideologies. The conflict is between reason and barbarism, democracy and dictatorship. There is no way of resolving this by giving up on land. This will maybe give temporary relief but they will proceed until there won't be any Israel left. This is what is happening to us in Europe. We are losing our territories. We have to learn from Israel how to defend ourselves, be proud of who we are and fight the enemy in his way. This isn't politically correct but this is also the only way to deal with it.

A new government is about to form in Holland. How much time will it last and will you win in next elections?

My strength as a politician is that I'm consistent. Some will say this is my weakness. I do not act in accordance with popularity or people's mood. I've been a supporter of Israel at a time it was least popular. It has cost me votes. A lot of my voters disapproved of my remarks on Israel but I never altered my views because I believe in them. Furthermore, I'm fighting the islamisation. I pay a high price for this but I really believe this is the way to protect our freedom and our existence. If I had withheld and adapted my views, I would have probably been invited to talks to form the new government but then I wouldn't be representing my voters. I really hope to win the next elections but this is not the most important thing. I will never make concessions on the truth.

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