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Geert Wilders has told that the prospect of losing his freedom, should the case against him end in a conviction, does not scare him.

"I lost my freedom already four and a half years ago in October 2004, when my 24-hour police protection started because of threats by Muslims in Holland and abroad to kill me. (...) So of course I don't want to go to jail as a criminal, but I don't fear losing my freedom since I already lost my freedom in 2004."

Wilders also talks about the support he has received from the American non-profit organisation the Legal Project, which was founded to help people who find themselves in legal trouble due to criticising Islam.

"The Legal Project helped me when I was in the United States, arranging meetings with important legal scholars and elected officials. (...) They also helped bring public attention to my case, which hopefully will help me raise money for my legal defense fund."

A spokesperson for the Legal Project expressed concern about the damage the case against Geert Wilders will do to freedom of speech in the Netherlands.

"Even if he prevails at trial, the damage to free speech will be done. Who wants to risk the time, cost and public harassment of a criminal trial?"

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